During years of studies, researches, on line and in person classes , I met a lot of people with different expectations for the instrument and music. For this reason I decided to create this space where I show you and share with you tools for you to make your music independent from your music level or your music style. Here you’ll find various topics regarding music guitar and the musician.

Harmonic Major

Hi everyone! The Video today is about this amazing scale Harmonic Major, you can get a lot of new sounds with this scale, pdf is

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Adicionando Apogiatura aos seus solos Appoggiatura ou apogiatura, (do  italiano appogiare, apoiar) é uma nota característica de um intervalo melódico, escrita um grau acima ou abaixo da nota

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3 Frases II V I

II V I Licks 🇺🇸 Here you will find some different Licks to improve your solos . 🇧🇷 Aqui vocês poderão encontrar Licks novos para

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